MagicFace: Stepping into Character through an Augmented Reality Mirror


論文アブストラクト:Augmented Reality (AR) is coming of age and appearing in various smartphone apps. One emerging AR type uses the front-facing camera and overlays a user's face with digital features that transform the physical appearance, making the user look like someone else, such as a popstar or a historical character. However, little is known about how people react to such stepping into character and how convincing they perceive it to be. We developed an app with two Egyptian looks, MagicFace, which was situated both in an opera house and a museum. In the first setting, people were invited to use the app, while in the second setting they came across it on their own when visiting the exhibition. Our findings show marked differences in how people approach and experience the MagicFace in these different contexts. We discuss how realistic and compelling this kind of AR technology is, as well as its implications for educational and cultural settings.