Investigating the Suitability of the Asynchronous, Remote, Community-based Method for Pregnant and New Mothers


論文アブストラクト:Traditional qualitative research methods, such as, interviews and focus groups, may not be feasible for certain populations- who face time, mobility, and availability constraints. We adapted the Asynchronous, Remote, Community-based (ARC) method that used closed Facebook groups to study people with rare diseases, to study a different population - pregnant and new mothers. During the course of eight weeks, we engaged 48 participants in 19 study activities using three closed Facebook groups. We added new activities to the original ARC method, informed by past HCI research, to triangulate participant input. We carefully analyzed participation patterns and activity engagement, to assess the suitability of the ARC method for engaging pregnant and new mothers in remote, group-based, qualitative research. We provide an in-depth analysis of the ARC method, noting participation characteristics, activity preferences, and the suitability of the ARC method as an online focus group.