Understanding the Role of Human Senses in Interactive Meditation


論文アブストラクト:In our fast-paced society, stress and anxiety have become increasingly common. Meditation for relaxation has received much attention. Meditation apps exploit various senses, e.g., touch, audio and vision, but the relationship between human senses and interactive meditation is not well understood. This paper empirically evaluates the effects of single and combined human senses on interactive meditation. We found that the effectiveness of human senses can be defined by their respective roles in maintaining the balance between relaxation and focus. This work is the first to attempt to understand these relationships. The findings have broad implications for the field of multi-modal interaction and interactive meditation applications.


人間の感覚がアプリを使った瞑想体験に どのような 影響を与えているのかの調査を行った.スマートフォンアプリを使ったインタラクティブな瞑想において人間の感覚の組みわせによってどのような効果が得られるかを実験・評価した.