WAVES: A Wearable Asymmetric Vibration Excitation System for Presenting Three-Dimensional Translation and Rotation Cues


論文アブストラクト:WAVES, a Wearable Asymmetric Vibration Excitation System, is a novel wearable haptic device for presenting three dimensions of translation and rotation guidance cues. In contrast to traditional vibration feedback, which usually requires that users learn to interpret a binary cue, asymmetric vibrations have been shown to induce a pulling sensation in a desired direction. When attached to the fingers, a single voicecoil actuator presents a translation guidance cue and a pair of voicecoil actuators presents a rotation guidance cue. The directionality of mechanoreceptors in the skin led to our choice of the location and orientation of the actuators in order to elicit very strong sensations in certain directions. For example, users distinguished a "left" cue versus a "right" cue 94.5% of the time. When presented with one of six possible direction cues, users on average correctly identified the direction of translation cues 86.1% of the time and rotation cues 69.0% of the time.


この研究は小さなボイスコイルモーターを指先につけ、振動させることにより、任意の方向へ指先を誘導するシステムを開発しています。 2つのボイスコイルモータの非対称振動を利用することにより,高い識別レベルで方向指示ができ,加えて回転指示もできるようになっていることが特徴です. 非対称振動を知覚するマイスナー小体が密集している指先にこのデバイスを配置し,皮膚とデバイスの接線方向に振動が加えれられるよう取り付け,指示方向の識別評価を行っています.