Generating Haptic Textures with a Vibrotactile Actuator


論文アブストラクト:Vibrotactile actuation is mainly used to deliver buzzing sensations. But if vibrotactile actuation is tightly coupled to users' actions, it can be used to create much richer haptic experiences. It is not well understood, however, how this coupling should be done or which vibrotactile parameters create which experiences. To investigate how actuation parameters relate to haptic experiences, we built a physical slider with minimal native friction, a vibrotactile actuator and an integrated position sensor. By vibrating the slider as it is moved, we create an experience of texture between the sliding element and its track. We conducted a magnitude estimation experiment to map how granularity, amplitude and timbre relate to the experiences of roughness, adhesiveness, sharpness and bumpiness. We found that amplitude influences the strength of the perceived texture, while variations in granularity and timbre create distinct experiences. Our study underlines the importance of action in haptic perception and suggests strategies for deploying such tightly coupled feedback in everyday devices.


これは振動触覚と身体動作がどのような関係にあるのか調査した研究です. 振動アクチュエータをスライダー上に取り付け,スライダーの移動に合わせて,位置ごとに与える振動や周波数を変化させ 身体動作がテクスチャの知覚にどう影響を与えるのかを評価実験しています. 実験の結果から,ユーザのテクスチャ知覚のうち,粗さと凹凸は触覚刺激の粒度(刺激提示間隔)により強い影響を受け、鮮明度と接着性は周波数が高くなるとより知覚されることを明らかにしています.