ThirdEye: Simple Add-on Display to Represent Remote Participant's Gaze Direction in Video Communication


論文アブストラクト:A long-standing challenge in video-mediated communication systems is to represent a remote participant's gaze direction in local environments correctly. To address this issue, we developed ThirdEye, an add-on eye-display for a video communication system. This display is made from an artificial ulexite (TV rock) that is cut into a hemispherical shape, enabling light from the bottom surface to be projected onto the hemisphere surface. By drawing an appropriate ellipse on an LCD and placing ThirdEye over it, this system simulates an eyeball. Our experiment proved that an observer could perceive a remote Looker's gaze direction more precisely when the gaze was presented using ThirdEye compared to the case in which the gaze was presented using the Looker's face on a flat display.


テレビ会議でしばしば問題となる, 遠隔対話者の視線方向が誤認識される問題を解決するシステム. テレビ石を半球状に削って作った疑似的な眼球を使って, 遠隔対話者の視線情報を表現する. 実験の結果, 視線方向の伝達精度を向上させられることがわかった.