FaceShare: Mirroring with Pseudo-Smile Enriches Video Chat Communications


論文アブストラクト:"Mirroring" refers to the unconscious mimicry of another person's behaviors, such as their facial expressions. Mirroring has many positive effects, such as enhancing closeness and improving the flow of a conversation, which enriches the quality of communication. Our study set out to devise a means of evoking these positive effects in a video chat without any conscious effort of participants. We constructed a videophone system, called FaceShare, which can deform the user's face into a smile in response to their partner's smiling. That is, our system generates mirroring by producing a pseudo-smile through image processing. We conducted an experiment in which pairs of participants had brief conversations via FaceShare. The results implied that mirroring using the pseudo-smile lets the mimicker, whose face is deformed according to the expressions of their partner, feel a closeness, and improves the flow of the conversation for both the mimicker and the mimickee, who sees the mimicker's deformed face.


相手の表情や仕草を真似るミラーリング行為は対話に良い影響を与えやすい. テレビ会議を通してミラーリング効果を出すシステム. 自分の笑顔に対応して相手の顔を笑顔に変えることができる.