Cito: An Actuated Smartwatch for Extended Interactions


論文アブストラクト:We propose and explore actuating a smartwatch face to enable extended interactions. Five face movements are defined: rotation, hinging, translation, rising, and orbiting. These movements are incorporated into interaction techniques to address limitations of a fixed watch face. A 20-person study uses concept videos of a passive low fidelity prototype to confirm the usefulness of the actuated interaction techniques. A second 20-person study uses 3D rendered animations to access social acceptability and perceived comfort for different actuation dynamics and usage contexts. Finally, we present Cito, a high-fidelity proof-of-concept hardware prototype that investigates technical challenges.


スマートウォッチを作動させ相互作用を広げる研究。問題を解決するための5つの動作を取り入れたプロトタイプを制作し評価する。 より大きな表現を可能にすることができた。行われた方法論は動きを調査、検証、実証することができた。