What Happens to Digital Feedback?: Studying the Use of a Feedback Capture Platform by Care Organisations


論文アブストラクト:In this paper we report on a four-month long field trial of ThoughtCloud, a feedback collection platform that allows people to leave ratings and audio or video responses to simple prompts. ThoughtCloud was trialled with four organisations providing care services for people with disabilities. We conducted interviews with staff and volunteers that used ThoughtCloud before, during and after its deployment, and workshops with service users and staff. While the collection of feedback was high, only one organisation regularly reviewed and responded to collected opinions. Furthermore, tensions arose around data access and sharing, and the mismatch of values between "giving voice" and the capacity for staff to engage in feedback practices. We contribute insights into the challenges faced in using novel technologies in resource constrained organisations, and discuss opportunities for designs that give greater agency to service users to engage those that care for them in reflecting and responding to their opinions.


ThoughtCloud: 人々が評価や音声やビデオの応答を簡単に残すことを可能にするフィードバック収集プラットフォームである。 ThoughtCloudは、障害を持つ人々にケアサービスを提供する4つの団体で試用した。