Design and Evaluation of a Handheld-based 3D User Interface for Collaborative Object Manipulation


論文アブストラクト:Object manipulation in 3D virtual environments demands a combined coordination of rotations, translations and scales, as well as the camera control to change the user's viewpoint. Then, for many manipulation tasks, it would be advantageous to share the interaction complexity among team members. In this paper we propose a novel 3D manipulation interface based on a collaborative action coordination approach. Our technique explores a smartphone -- the touchscreen and inertial sensors -- as input interface, enabling several users to collaboratively manipulate the same virtual object with their own devices. We first assessed our interface design on a docking and an obstacle crossing tasks with teams of two users. Then, we conducted a study with 60 users to understand the influence of group size in collaborative 3D manipulation. We evaluated teams in combinations of one, two, three and four participants. Experimental results show that teamwork increases accuracy when compared with a single user. The accuracy increase is correlated with the number of individuals in the team and their work division strategy.