Kinecting with Orangutans: Zoo Visitors' Empathetic Responses to Animals? Use of Interactive Technology


論文アブストラクト:Animal conservation organisations occasionally harness depictions of animals using digital technology to inspire interest in, and concern for animals. To better understand the forms of empathy experienced by people observing animal-computer interaction, we designed and studied an interactive installation for orangutans at a zoo. Through collaborative design we established an understanding of zoos' objectives and strategies related to empathy in the zoo context. We deployed a prototype installation, and observed and interviewed visitors who watched orangutans use the installation. Analysis of observations and interviews revealed that visitors responded with cognitive, affective and motor empathy for the animals. We propose that these empathetic responses are prompted by the visibility of orangutans' bodily movements, by the "anthropic frame" provided by digital technology, and by prompting reflection on animals' cognitive processes and affective states. This paper contributes new evidence and understanding of people's empathetic responses to observing animal-computer interaction and confirms the value of designing for empathy in its various forms


動物園で動物へのEmpathy を促進するため、Kinectを利用したオラウータン用お絵かきアプリなどを実装し展示した。来場者へのインタビュー結果から、1)動物の認知能力の活用2)個体ごとの好みの反映、の2点に則ったデザインが効果的であると示唆された。