Reconsidering Nature: The Dialectics of Fair Chase in the Practices of American Midwest Hunters


論文アブストラクト:In this paper, we describe an ethnographic study consisting of 14 interviews with hunters and participant observations in the American Midwest. We find that the ethos of "fair chase" serves to unite an eclectic group of hunters under a single moral compass. Fair chase posits, for example, that hunters must not have an improper advantage over animals. The actual practices of hunters in different communities (e.g., communities revolving around different weapons or professions), however, reveals a series of opposing points of view among hunters at large on what actually constitutes fair chase. We suggest that an understanding of fair chase and its dialectics can constructively problematize nature for human-computer interaction.


近年進む、自然と人をつなぐ技術としてのHCI研究のため、人が自然と接する伝統的アクティビティである狩猟における人々の価値観を狩人へのインタビューで調査した。全ての狩人がFair Chaseに言及していたが、その定義は得物や狩場で異なっていた。