Spiders in the Sky: User Perceptions of Drones, Privacy, and Security


論文アブストラクト:Drones are increasingly being used for various purposes from recording footage in inaccessible areas to delivering packages. A rise in drone usage introduces privacy and security concerns about flying boundaries, what data drones collect in public and private spaces, and how that data is stored and disseminated. However, commercial and personal drone regulations focusing on privacy and security have been fairly minimal in the USA. To inform privacy and security guidelines for drone design and regulation, we need to understand users' perceptions about drones, privacy and security. In this paper, we describe a laboratory study with 20 participants who interacted with a real or model drone to elicit user perceptions of privacy and security issues around drones. We present our results, discuss the implications of our work and make recommendations to improve drone design and regulations that enhance individual privacy and security.