Situated Anonymity: Impacts of Anonymity, Ephemerality, and Hyper-Locality on Social Media


論文アブストラクト:Anonymity, ephemerality, and hyper-locality are an uncommon set of features in the design of online communities. However, these features were key to Yik Yak's initial success and popularity. In an interview-based study, we found that these three features deeply affected the identity of the community as a whole, the patterns of use, and the ways users committed to this community. We conducted interviews with 18 Yik Yak users on an urban American university campus and found that these three focal design features contributed to casual commitment, transitory use, and emergent community identity. We describe situated anonymity, which is the result of anonymity, ephemerality, and hyper-locality coexisting as focal design features of an online community. This work extends our understanding of use and identity-versus-bond based commitment, which has implications for the design and study of other atypical online communities.


とあるアメリカ大学の大学生を対象にとって、Yik Yakアプリの独創性に対する調査を行なった。匿名性、一時性、超地域性、三つの破りなメカニズムがあるソーシャルメディアの特徴は様々な方面に効果がある。