Exploring Topic-Based Sharing Mechanisms


論文アブストラクト:General-purpose content-sharing platforms make it difficult for users to limit sharing to people interested in particular topics. Additional topic-based controls may allow users to better reach desired audiences. Designing such tools requires understanding current interest-based targeting techniques and the potential impact of additional mechanisms. We present an exploratory, interview-based study (n = 16) that addresses these dynamics for Facebook. We use diary-driven probes to explore general topic-based sharing across applications. We then use Facebook-based mockups to probe use cases and design tensions around adding topic-based sharing mechanisms to Facebook. We find that participants currently draw on various audience-limiting and reaching strategies to target interest-based audiences. Participants felt additional topic-based sharing mechanisms on Facebook might allow them to avoid oversharing or offending others and allow them to target improved audiences or share improved content. Usable topic-based sharing tools would also need to account, however, for participants' varied desired engagement strategies.


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