Utilizing Experience Goals in Design of Industrial Systems


論文アブストラクト:The core idea of experience-driven design is to define the intended experience before functionality and technology. This is a radical idea for companies that have built their competences around specific technologies. Although many technology companies are willing to shift their focus towards experience-driven design, reports on real-life cases about the utilization of this design approach are rare. As part of an industry-led research program, we introduced experience-driven design to metal industry companies with experience goals as the key technique. Four design cases in three companies showed that the goals are useful in keeping the focus on user experience, but several challenges are still left for future research to tackle. This exploratory research lays ground for future research by providing initial criteria for assessing experience design tools. The results shed light on utilizing experience goals in industrial design projects and help practitioners in planning and managing the product design process with user experience in mind.


工業製品の開発設計を行う際に1つの重要な重要な指標として、使用者の経験時の感情を取り入れた研究。開発の目的に技術的なことだけでなく、Xgoal(Experience goal)と呼ばれる作業者の気持ちを含めてツールの開発を行うことでどのように開発方法が変わるかを4つのケーススタディで調査した。