GhostID: Enabling Non-Persistent User Differentiation in Frequency-Division Capacitive Multi-Touch Sensors


論文アブストラクト:Current touch devices are adept at tracking finger touches, but cannot distinguish if multiple touches are caused by different fingers on a single hand, by fingers from both hands of a single user, or by different users. This limitation significantly reduces the possibilities for interaction techniques in touch interfaces. We present GhostID, a capacitive sensor that can differentiate the origins of multiple simultaneous touches. Our approach analyzes the signal ghosting, already present as an artifact in a frequency-division touch controller, to differentiate touches from the same hand or different hands of a single user (77% reliability at 60 fps) or from two different users (95% reliability at 60 fps). In addition to GhostID, we also develop a framework of user-differentiation capabilities for touch input devices, and illustrate a set of interaction techniques enabled by GhostID.


特殊なタッチパネルへの2点同時入力が、 同一ユーザーの片手、左右の手、別ユーザーの各々の手によるものかを識別する方法。タッチした各々の点を通るX軸とY軸の平行線を結んだ点に弱い反応が生じ、これを特徴量として識別する。