Reducing Interruptions at Work: A Large-Scale Field Study of FlowLight


論文アブストラクト:Due to the high number and cost of interruptions at work, several approaches have been suggested to reduce this cost for knowledge workers. These approaches predominantly focus either on a manual and physical indicator, such as headphones or a closed office door, or on the automatic measure of a worker's interruptibilty in combination with a computer-based indicator. Little is known about the combination of a physical indicator with an automatic interruptibility measure and its long-term impact in the workplace. In our research, we developed the FlowLight, that combines a physical traffic-light like LED with an automatic interruptibility measure based on computer interaction data. In a large-scale and long-term field study with 449 participants from 12 countries, we found, amongst other results, that the FlowLight reduced the interruptions of participants by 46%, increased their awareness on the potential disruptiveness of interruptions and most participants never stopped using it.