MyriadHub: Efficiently Scaling Personalized Email Conversations with Valet Crowdsourcing


論文アブストラクト:Email has scaled our ability to communicate with large groups, but has not equivalently scaled our ability to listen and respond. For example, emailing many people for feedback requires either impersonal surveys or manual effort to hold many similar conversations. To scale personalized conversations, we introduce techniques that exploit similarities across conversations to recycle relevant parts of previous conversations. These techniques reduce the authoring burden, save senders' time, and maintain recipient engagement through personalized responses. We introduce MyriadHub, a mail client where users start conversations and then crowd workers extract underlying conversational patterns and rules to accelerate responses to future similar emails. In a within-subjects experiment comparing MyriadHub to existing mass email techniques, senders spent significantly less time planning events with MyriadHub. In a second experiment comparing MyriadHub to a standard email survey, MyriadHub doubled the recipients' response rate and tripled the number of words in their responses.