Modeling User Performance on Curved Constrained Paths


論文アブストラクト:In 1997, Accot and Zhai presented seminal work analyzing the temporal cost and instantaneous speed profiles associated with movement along constrained paths. Their work posited and validated the emph{steering law}, which described the relationship between path constraint, path length and the temporal cost of path traversal using a computer input device (e.g. a mouse). In this paper, we argue that the steering law fails to correctly model constrained paths of varying, arbitrary curvature, propose a new form of the law that accommodates these curved paths, and empirically validate our model.


様々な曲率を持つ経路を繋げたステアリングタスクのモデル化.マウス操作ではR^2 > 0.87,タッチ操作ではR^2 > 0.96でMovement Timeを予測できる.