Toward Measurement of Situation Awareness in Autonomous Vehicles


論文アブストラクト:Until vehicles are fully autonomous, safety, legal and ethical obligations require that drivers remain aware of the driving situation. Key decisions about whether a driver can take over when the vehicle is confused, or its capabilities are degraded, depend on understanding whether he or she is responsive and aware of external conditions. The leading techniques for measuring situation awareness in simulated environments are ill-suited to autonomous driving scenarios, and particularly to on-road testing. We have developed a technique, named Daze, to measure situation awareness through real-time, in-situ event alerts. The technique is ecologically valid: it resembles applications people use in actual driving. It is also flexible: it can be used in both simulator and on-road research settings. We performed simulator-based and on-road test deployments to (a) check that Daze could characterize drivers' awareness of their immediate environment and (b) understand practical aspects of the technique's use. Our contributions include the Daze technique, examples of collected data, and ways to analyze such data.