FLight: A Low-Cost Reading and Writing System for Economically Less-Privileged Visually-Impaired People Exploiting Ink-based Braille System


論文アブストラクト:Reading printed documents and writing on a paper pose a great challenge for visually-impaired people. Existing studies that attempt to solve these challenges are expensive and not feasible in low-income context. Moreover, these studies solve reading and writing problems separately. On the contrary, in this study, we propose FLight, a low-cost reading and writing system for economically less-privileged people. FLight uses ink-based Braille characters as the medium of textual representation. This helps in keeping a compact spatial representation of texts, yet achieving a low-cost status. Additionally, FLight utilizes a low-cost wearable device to enhance ease of reading by visually-impaired people. We conduct a participatory design and iterative evaluation involving five visually-impaired children in Bangladesh for more than 18 months. Our user evaluation reveals that FLight is easy-to-use, and exhibits a potential low-cost solution for economically less-privileged visually-impaired people.