Teaching Language and Culture with a Virtual Reality Game


論文アブストラクト:Many people want to learn a language but find it difficult to stay engaged. Ideally, we would have language learning tools that can make language learning more enjoyable by simulating immersion in a foreign language environment. Therefore, we adapted Crystallize, a 3D video game for learning Japanese, so that it can be played in virtual reality with the Oculus Rift. Specifically, we explored whether we could leverage virtual reality technology to teach embodied cultural interaction, such as bowing in Japanese greetings. To evaluate the impact of our virtual reality game designs, we conducted a formative user study with 68 participants. We present results showing that the virtual reality design trained players how and when to bow, and that it increased participants' sense of involvement in Japanese culture. Our results suggest that virtual reality technology provides an opportunity to leverage culturally-relevant physical interaction, which can enhance the design of language learning technology and virtual reality games.


外国語(日本語)学習において、外国語環境に没入するVRゲーム(Oculus Lift)を開発した。 非VR版と比べて語彙テストの結果は向上しなかったが、文化 的行動(お辞儀)を身につける効果があった。