Flexibles: Deformation-Aware 3D-Printed Tangibles for Capacitive Touchscreens


論文アブストラクト:We introduce Flexibles: 3D-printed flexible tangibles that are deformation-aware and operate on capacitive touchscreens. Flexibles add expressive deformation input to interaction with on-screen tangibles. Based on different types of deformation mapping, we contribute a set of 3D-printable mechanisms that capture pressing, squeezing, and bending input with multiple levels of intensities. They can be integrated into 3D printed objects with custom geometries and on different locations. A Flexible is printed in a single pass on a consumer-level 3D printer without requiring further assembly. Through a series of interactive prototypes, example applications and a technical evaluation, we show the technical feasibility and the wide applicability of Flexibles.


変形可能なタンジブルオブジェクトの提案. 3Dプリンタで導電性と柔軟性をもつフィラメントを用いて一発で造形. Pressing / Squeezing / Bendingの3種類の変形を可能にした.