Heat-Nav: Using Temperature Changes as Navigation Cues


論文アブストラクト:HCI is increasingly exploring how temperature can be used as an interaction modality. One challenge is that temperature changes are perceived over the course of seconds. This can be attributed to both the slow response time of skin thermoreceptors and the latency of the technology used to heat and cool the skin. For this reason, thermal cues are typically used to communicate single states, such as an emotion, and then there is a pause of tens of seconds to allow the skin to re-adapt to a neutral temperature before sending another signal. In contrast, this paper presents the first experimental demonstration that continuous temperature changes can guide behaviour: significantly improving performance in a 2D maze navigation task, without having to return to a neutral state before a new signal is sent. We discuss how continuous thermal feedback may be used for real world navigational tasks.


腕につけたデバイスの温度変化によるナビゲーションを検討した研究. 迷路をクリアするタスクにおいては,35℃と29℃の2種類(正規ルートor not)の温度を連続的に変化させるのみで,効率的にクリアさせることができた.