Understanding "Death by GPS": A Systematic Study of Catastrophic Incidents Associated with Personal Navigation Technologies


論文アブストラクト:Catastrophic incidents associated with GPS devices and other personal navigation technologies are sufficiently common that these incidents have been given a colloquial nickname: "Death by GPS". While there is a significant body of work on the use of personal navigation technologies in everyday scenarios, no research has examined these technologies' roles in catastrophic incidents. In this paper, we seek to address this gap in the literature. Borrowing techniques from public health research and communication studies, we construct a corpus of 158 detailed news reports of unique catastrophic incidents associated with personal navigation technologies. We then identify key themes in these incidents and the roles that navigation technologies played in them, e.g. missing road characteristics data contributed to over 25% of these incidents. With the goal of reducing casualties associated with personal navigation technologies, we outline implications for design and research that emerge from our results, e.g. advancing "space usage rule" mapping, incorporating weather information in routing, and improving visual and audio instructions in complex situations.