FLIPPIN': Exploring a Paper-based Book UI Design in a Public Space


論文アブストラクト:Digital information systems are increasingly being used in public spaces such as museums. Such systems should be easily accessible, arouse interest and offer useful information, and be easy to use. We present FLIPPIN' user interface (UI) system, which mimics the look, feel, and usability of traditional books. We explored how the paper-based book UI is designed to improve the usability problems in a public space while creating the prototypes with the aim of introducing Japanese cultural assets and conducting a field evaluation to compare the proposed system to a touch panel UI. The results of evaluation indicated the positive effects of the system, especially in terms of the usability and user's active appreciation derived from a physical book interaction. In addition, we present design guidelines derived from our findings. The suggested design guidelines are expected to facilitate the future development of effective interactive digital information systems in public spaces.