Participatory Media: Creating Spaces for Storytelling in Neighbourhood Planning


論文アブストラクト:Neighbourhood planning devolves power to communities to create their own planning policy but traditional forms of participation are still relied upon. And despite the ubiquitous nature of technology in society, digital participation methods are rarely used. In this paper, we outline fieldwork with two neighbourhood planning groups who used participatory media technology to improve engagement though the art of storytelling. We focus on the configuration of participatory media as a way to widen participation and enable story creation and sharing amongst citizens. We highlight that storytelling using media technology can provide a model of and a model for the way we "do" neighbourhood planning whilst emphasising the challenges of ensuring processes are linked to tangible actions and encouraging the multiplicity of stories.


近隣コミュニティ計画の制定支援に、住民参加型デジタルメディアを導入する方法を検討した。2つのコミュ二ティを対象としたフィールド調査を実施し、デジタルメディアを使用する効果を、ストーリーテリングの場作り、見逃されているストーリーに対する気づき、参加者の拡大、の 3側面から議論した。