Environment-Scale Fabrication: Replicating Outdoor Climbing Experiences


論文アブストラクト:Despite rapid advances in 3D printing, fabricating large, durable and robust artifacts is impractical with current technology. We focus on a particularly challenging environment-scale artifact: rock climbing routes. We propose a prototype fabrication method to replicate part of an outdoor climbing route and enable the same sensorimotor experience in an indoor gym. We start with 3D reconstruction of the rock wall using multi-view stereo and use reference videos of a climber in action to identify localized rock features that are necessary for ascent. We create 3D models akin to traditional indoor climbing holds, fabricated using rapid prototyping, molding and casting techniques. This results in robust holds accurately replicating the features and configuration of the original rock route. Validation was performed on two rock climbing sites in New Hampshire and Utah. We verified our results by comparing climbers' moves on the indoor replicas and original outdoor routes.


野外のクライミングルートを,屋内のボルダリングコースとして複製するFabrication手法についての報告. Multi-View Stereo・写真から岩場の構造を, 登山時の録画からホールドの形状を再現する.