Tobiko: A Contact Array for Self-Configuring, Surface-Powered Sensors


論文アブストラクト:This paper describes a contact array that outputs the maximum and minimum voltages at its contacts. The goal is to extract power for a detachable touch sensor, display, or other human-computer interaction (HCI) device that is attached to a surface by a user, and that does not have its own power source. Experimental results are shown for an array that has positive and negative outputs and a pass-through at each contact position. It solves the startup problem for a randomly-placed batteryless sensor patch or sticker, which can scan its ports to discover neighboring devices only after it obtains power. Applications include user-configurable electronic textile circuits, and new methods for prototyping and repairing large-area flexible circuits. This note describes construction of a 7x7 array, provides design rules, and examines the signal quality on two kinds of electronic surfaces.