HeartChat: Heart Rate Augmented Mobile Chat to Support Empathy and Awareness


論文アブストラクト:Textual communication via mobile phones suffers from a lack of context and emotional awareness. We present a mobile chat application, HeartChat, which integrates heart rate as a cue to increase awareness and empathy. Through a literature review and a focus group, we identified design dimensions important for heart rate augmented chats. We created three concepts showing heart rate per message, in real-time, or sending it explicitly. We tested our system in a two week in-the-wild study with 14 participants (7 pairs). Interviews and questionnaires showed that HeartChat supports empathy between people, in particular close friends and partners. Sharing heart rate helped them to implicitly understand each other's context (e.g. location, physical activity) and emotional state, and sparked curiosity on special occasions. We discuss opportunities, challenges, and design implications for enriching mobile chats with physiological sensing.