Social Printers: A Physical Social Network for Political Debates


論文アブストラクト:Social Printers are physical devices that create a pseudonymous social network between households during televised political debates. Through studies conducted around the Scottish Parliamentary Election and EU Referendum in 2016, we aimed to understand how physical devices could be used to engage viewers with televised political debates. By displacing the interaction from conventional social media and second screens we observed that the printers were successful in encouraging the participants to share their thoughts and create a personal social experience. Based on the results we discuss potential implications for conventional social media and second screens in the context of political television programs.


セカンドスクリーンの持つ潜在的な影響力をSocial printer というデバイスを使用して調査した.放映される政治的議論の番組などの最中に世帯間における匿名の意見交換の場を作り出すデバイスであり意見の投稿はweb上で可能である.結果としてさかんな議論が行われ、今後のIoTソリューションが政治議論やテレビ視聴へ関与してくことが考えられる.