Empowered Participation: How Citizens Use Technology in Local Governance


論文アブストラクト:The partnership between local residents and city officials to inform policy and decision-making about government resources, or participatory governance, has been extensively studied. In addition to numerous ethnographic studies about how citizens engage in-person, there has been increased focus in HCI to understand the impact of technology on citizen participation in local governance. Building upon those studies, this paper provides unique insight from a 3-year longitudinal study on the use of online tools that were organically adapted by citizens to engage in local governance in three diverse Chicago neighborhoods. Though the responsiveness of government officials varied across communities, our results suggest that citizens use technology to heighten the visibility of their concerns, to support mechanisms of government accountability, and to provide various options for resident participation in local governance. We argue that while communities may be effective in their use of ICTs, technology may not increase their political power.


ICT が住民自治にもたらす影響を調べるために,3つの地域で3年間かけて住民のICT 利用状況を調査.コミュニティにおけるICTの有用性を明らかにしたものの,ICTの利用が政治力の向上に貢献しないことを明らかにした.