Prioritizing Flexibility and Intangibles: Medical Crowdfunding for Stigmatized Individuals


論文アブストラクト:HCI research on crowdfunding has primarily focused on creative or organizational endeavors. Yet a majority of crowdfunding campaigns are conducted by individuals in need, often for healthcare. To better understand and improve this common crowdfunding experience, especially for those that inhabit a vulnerable social status, we conducted 20 interviews with transmen crowdfunding for top-surgery. Design choices that optimize site flexibility (e.g. control of personal information; enable cross-site communication) and foreground intangibles, such as political values and emotional support, are priorities for individuals from a stigmatized community. Findings differed from previous crowdfunding research and contribute to limited research on transgender identities in HCI. Overall they provide unique insights into how design choices can facilitate marginalized identity management in highly public online spaces.