Five Lenses for Designing Exertion Experiences


論文アブストラクト:The field of HCI has increasingly looked at ways to support the physically active human being, however, new work suggests that the field has only begun to understand the many virtues of exertion. To further the field, we present a set of five design lenses extended primarily from sports philosophy literature to help approach exertion not just as a means of deferring death, but also as an opportunity for personal growth. The lenses facilitate learning how to appreciate a void (Reverie), welcome pleasure (Pleasure), become humble (Humility), as well as be fearful and excited simultaneously (Sublime), whilst being more carefully aware of one's own body (Oneness). Using these lenses, we articulate associated technology opportunities through related work as well as our own craft knowledge. With our work, we aim to support designers who want to facilitate the many virtues of exertion so that ultimately more people profit from the many benefits of being physically active.