Recording and Sharing Non-Visible Information on Body Movement while Skateboarding


論文アブストラクト:Knowing your own body movement is an essential element of sports. Recently, the popularization of smartphones has enabled people to easily record their performance in most situations. However, these observations have limited applicability in assisting with a clear understanding of body movement. In this paper, we propose the Motion Log Skateboard, which records and shares non-visible information about body movement that is difficult to obtain through current observation methods in skateboarding. A pressure-sensor matrix on a skateboard deck is used to record the pressure distribution data, which are then played using the video function of a smartphone camera. With this logged data, a user can access the feet positions, pressure intensity, and timing of the foot movements. To verify the proposed concept and determine the specific context of its use, an experimental session and interviews were conducted with skateboarders of various skill levels. Based on the results of this research, the shared experiences of non-visible information, which is perceived differently depending on the individual, are expected to become a standard for exploring and training body movement.