Factors in Fairness and Emotion in Online Case Resolution Systems


論文アブストラクト:Courts are increasingly adopting online information and communication technology, creating a need to consider the potential consequences of these tools for the justice system. Using survey responses from 209 litigants who had recently used an online case resolution system, we investigate factors that influenced litigants' experiences of fairness and emotional feelings toward court officials. Our results show that ease of using the online case resolution system, the outcome of the case, and a litigant's perceptions of procedural justice are positively associated both with whether the litigant views the process as fair and whether the litigant ultimately feels positive emotions toward court officials. We also analyze the online explanations litigants offer in their arguments to courts and litigant answers to an open-ended question about their court experiences, and highlight design and practical implications for online systems seeking to improve access to justice.


オンラインの訴訟解決システムの使いやすさやその結果が、利用者に対してどのような印象を与えるかを調査. システムが使いやすく裁判の結果が自分に取って有利なほど、判定を公平と感じ、裁判官にポジティブな感情を抱くことがわかった。