GraphScape: A Model for Automated Reasoning about Visualization Similarity and Sequencing


論文アブストラクト:We present GraphScape, a directed graph model of the vi- sualization design space that supports automated reasoning about visualization similarity and sequencing. Graph nodes represent grammar-based chart specifications and edges rep- resent edits that transform one chart to another. We weight edges with an estimated cost of the difficulty of interpreting a target visualization given a source visualization. We con- tribute (1) a method for deriving transition costs via a partial ordering of edit operations and the solution of a resulting lin- ear program, and (2) a global weighting term that rewards consistency across transition subsequences. In a controlled experiment, subjects rated visualization sequences covering a taxonomy of common transition types. In all but one case, GraphScape's highest-ranked suggestion aligns with subjects' top-rated sequences. Finally, we demonstrate applications of GraphScape to automatically sequence visualization presen- tations, elaborate transition paths between visualizations, and recommend design alternatives (e.g., to improve scalability while minimizing design changes).


覚化の類似性と順序付けに関する自動推論を補助するデザイン空間の有向グラフモデル であるGraphScapeを紹介する. 1つの場合を除いて、GraphScapeの提案では, 被験者の高いシーケンスと一致します.