"Algorithms ruin everything": #RIPTwitter, Folk Theories, and Resistance to Algorithmic Change in Social Media


論文アブストラクト:As algorithmically-driven content curation has become an increasingly common feature of social media platforms, user resistance to algorithmic change has become more frequent and visible. These incidents of user backlash point to larger issues such as inaccurate understandings of how algorithmic systems work as well as mismatches between designer and user intent. Using a content analysis of 102,827 tweets from #RIPTwitter, a recent hashtag-based backlash to rumors about introducing algorithmic curation to Twitter's timeline, this study addresses the nature of user resistance in the form of the complaints being expressed, folk theories of the algorithmic system espoused by users, and how these folk theories potentially frame user reactions. We find that resistance to algorithmic change largely revolves around expectation violation, with folk theories acting as frames for reactions such that more detailed folk theories are expressed through more specific reactions to algorithmic change.