You Want Me to Work with Who?: Stakeholder Perceptions of Automated Team Formation in Project-based Courses


論文アブストラクト:Instructors are increasingly using algorithmic tools for team formation, yet little is known about how these tools are applied or how students and instructors perceive their use. We studied a representative team formation tool (CATME) in eight project-based courses. An instructor uses the tool to form teams by surveying students' working styles, skills, and demographics; then configuring these criteria as input into an algorithm that assigns teams. We surveyed students (N=277) in the courses to gauge their perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of the tool and ideas for improving it. We also interviewed instructors (N=13) different from those who taught the eight courses to learn about their criteria selections and perceptions of the tool. Students valued the rational basis for forming teams but desired a stronger voice in criteria selection and explanations as to why they were assigned to a particular team. Instructors appreciated the efficiency of team formation but wanted to view exemplars of criteria used in similar courses. This work contributes recommendations for deploying team formation tools in educational settings and for better satisfying the goals of all stakeholders.


プロジェクトチーム分けシステムCATMEの改善にむけた 教師・生徒への実態調査.CATMEは教師側の振り分け用ツールと生徒側のスキル入力ツールに分かれるためそれぞれにヒアリング・アンケート.