Supporting Everyday Function in Chronic Pain Using Wearable Technology


論文アブストラクト:While most rehabilitation technologies target situated exercise sessions and associated performance metrics, physiotherapists recommend physical activities that are integrated with everyday functioning. We conducted a 1-2 week home study to explore how people with chronic pain use wearable technology that senses and sonifies movement (i.e., movement mapped to sound in real-time) to do functional activity (e.g., loading the dishwasher). Our results show that real-time movement sonification led to an increased sense of control during challenging everyday tasks. Sonification calibrated to functional activity facilitated application of pain management techniques such as pacing. When calibrated to individual needs, sonification enabled serendipitous discovery of physical capabilities otherwise obscured by a focus on pain or a dysfunctional proprioceptive system. A physiotherapist was invited to comment on the implications of our findings. We conclude by discussing opportunities provided by wearable sensing technology to enable better functioning, the ultimate goal of physical rehabilitation.