Investigating Tilt-based Gesture Keyboard Entry for Single-Handed Text Entry on Large Devices


論文アブストラクト:The popularity of mobile devices with large screens is making single-handed interaction difficult. We propose and evaluate a novel design point around a tilt-based text entry technique which supports single handed usage. Our technique is based on the gesture keyboard (shape writing). However, instead of drawing gestures with a finger or stylus, users articulate a gesture by tilting the device. This can be especially useful when the user's other hand is otherwise encumbered or unavailable. We show that novice users achieve an entry rate of 15 words-per-minute (wpm) after minimal practice. A pilot longitudinal study reveals that a single participant achieved an entry rate of 32 wpm after approximate 90 minutes of practice. Our data indicate that tilt-based gesture keyboard entry enables walk-up use and provides a suitable text entry rate for occasional use and can act as a promising alternative to single-handed typing in certain situations.


単語をなぞって入力する Shape Writing を片手チルト(傾き)操作で行った研究.傾きを使うので VR など手元が見えない場合にも活かせるとしており,実験結果から慣れてくれば操作速度は上がると示唆された.