Effects of Tactile Feedback on the Perception of Virtual Shapes on Non-Planar DisplayObjects


論文アブストラクト:In this paper, we report on a study investigating a novel haptic illusion for altering the perception of 3D shapes using a non-planar screen and vibrotactile friction. In our study, we presented an image of a rectangular prism on a cylindrical and a flat display. Participants were asked to move their index finger horizontally along the surface of the displays towards the edge of the rectangular prism. Participants were asked whether they were experiencing a flat, cylindrical or rectangular shape. In one condition, a vibrotactile stimulus simulated increasing friction towards the visible edge of the rectangular prism, with a sudden drop-off when this edge was crossed by the finger. Results suggest that presenting an image of a rectangular prism, and applying vibrotactile friction, particularly on a cylindrical display, significantly increased participant ratings stating that they were experiencing a physical rectangular shape.


3次元物体の表示、触覚的フィードバック、cylindrical display、この3つの要素がユーザの3次元物体に対する認識を大幅に変えることを調査、検証した。比較対象:flat display