Online Feedback Exchange: A Framework for Understanding the Socio-Psychological Factors


論文アブストラクト:To meet the demand for authentic, timely, and affordable feedback, researchers have explored technologies to connect designers with feedback providers online. While researchers have implemented mechanisms to improve the content of feedback, most systems for online feedback exchange do not support an end-to-end cycle, from help-seeking to sense-making to action. Building on extant literature in learning sciences, design, organizational behavior, and online communities, we propose a conceptual framework to highlight critical processes that affect online feedback exchange. We contribute research questions for future feedback systems and argue that online feedback systems must be able to support designers through five activities that happen before, during, and after the feedback exchange. Our framework suggests that systems should address broader socio-psychological factors, such as how intent should be communicated online, how dialogue can support the interpretation of feedback, and how to balance the tradeoffs of anonymizing feedback providers.


オンラインフィードバックシステム設計のフレームワークを提唱。 (フィードバックを) 1. 求めるタイミング 2. 適切に現状を伝え, 要求しやすいか 3. インセンティブ設計 4. 対象が明確か 5. 反映しやすいか の5点を考慮すべき。