Tap, Dwell or Gesture?: Exploring Head-Based Text Entry Techniques for HMDs


論文アブストラクト:Despite the increasing popularity of head mounted displays (HMDs), development of efficient text entry methods on these devices has remained under explored. In this paper, we investigate the feasibility of head-based text entry for HMDs, by which, the user controls a pointer on a virtual keyboard using head rotation. Specifically, we investigate three techniques: TapType, DwellType, and GestureType. Users of TapType select a letter by pointing to it and tapping a button. Users of DwellType select a letter by pointing to it and dwelling over it for a period of time. Users of GestureType perform word-level input using a gesture typing style. Two lab studies were conducted. In the first study, users typed 10.59 WPM, 15.58 WPM, and 19.04 WPM with DwellType, TapType, and GestureType, respectively. Users subjectively felt that all three of the techniques were easy to learn and considered the induced fatigue to be acceptable. In the second study, we further investigated GestureType. We improved its gesture-word recognition algorithm by incorporating the head movement pattern obtained from the first study. This resulted in users reaching 24.73 WPM after 60 minutes of training. Based on these results, we argue that head-based text entry is feasible and practical on HMDs, and deserves more attention.