Gestures From the Point of View of an Audience: Towards Anticipatable Interaction of Presenters With 3D Content.


論文アブストラクト:Presenting content to an audience is important in several fields, including education, marketing, and entertainment. Therefore, the main goal of the presenter is to transport messages to the audience.The paper aims to improve the process of message transportation by providing audience-friendly and anticipatable gestures for the presenter to be used for 3D interaction with the content. For this purpose, we first gathered input from a potential audience through a Wizard of Oz experiment and implemented three coherent gesture sets using the Kinect. We conducted an online survey to evaluate the hypotheses regarding the anticipation rate and perceived user experience. In particular, two of our three gesture sets show tendencies to be intuitively predictable by an untrained, uninformed audience. As the three sets differ significantly in the anticipation level, we conclude that future improvements of such gestures would enhance the audience's ability to predict the intended actions even further.