Citizen Science Opportunities in Volunteer-Based Online Experiments


論文アブストラクト:Online experimentation with volunteers could be described as a form of citizen science in which participants take part in behavioral studies without financial compensation. However, while citizen science projects aim to improve scientific understanding, volunteer-based online experiment platforms currently provide minimal possibilities for research involvement and learning. The goal of this paper is to uncover opportunities for expanding participant involvement and learning in the research process. Analyzing comments from 8,288 volunteers who took part in four online experiments on LabintheWild, we identified six themes that reveal needs and opportunities for closer interaction between researchers and participants. Our findings demonstrate opportunities for research involvement, such as engaging participants in refining experiment implementations, and learning opportunities, such as providing participants with possibilities to learn about research aims. We translate these findings into ideas for the design of future volunteer-based online experiment platforms that are more mutually beneficial to citizen scientists and researchers.