Awe the Audience: How the Narrative Trajectories Affect Audience Perception in Public Speaking


論文アブストラクト:Telling a great story often involves a deliberate alteration of emotions. In this paper, we objectively measure and analyze the narrative trajectories of stories in public speaking and their impact on subjective ratings. We conduct the analysis using the transcripts of over 2000 TED talks and estimate potential audience response using over 5 million spontaneous annotations from the viewers. We use IBM Watson Tone Analyzer to extract sentence-wise emotion, language, and social scores. Our study indicates that it is possible to predict (with AUC as high as 0.88) the subjective ratings of the audience by analyzing the narrative trajectories. Additionally, we find that some trajectories (for example, a flat trajectory of joy) correlate well with some specific ratings (e.g. "Longwinded') assigned by the viewers. Such an association could be useful in forecasting audience responses using objective analysis.