Interactive Guidance Techniques for Improving Creative Feedback


論文アブストラクト:Good feedback is critical to creativity and learning, yet rare. Many people do not know how to actually provide effective feedback. There is increasing demand for quality feedback -- and thus feedback givers -- in learning and professional settings. This paper contributes empirical evidence that two interactive techniques -- reusable suggestions and adaptive guidance -- can improve feedback on creative work. We present these techniques embodied in the CritiqueKit system to help reviewers give specific, actionable, and justified feedback. Two real-world deployment studies and two controlled experiments with CritiqueKit found that adaptively-presented suggestions improve the quality of feedback from novice reviewers. Reviewers also reported that suggestions and guidance helped them describe their thoughts and reminded them to provide effective feedback.


良いフィードバックとは何か?を議論している論文。 例えば査読やデザインレビューにおいて、質の高いフィードバックを作成するにはどうしたら良いか。 この論文では、フィードバックを分類して、インタラクティブなガイダンスを提供。