Understanding Chatbot-mediated Task Management


論文アブストラクト:Effective task management is essential to successful team collaboration. While the past decade has seen considerable innovation in systems that track and manage group tasks, these innovations have typically been outside of the principal communication channels: email, instant messenger, and group chat. Teams formulate, discuss, refine, assign, and track the progress of their collaborative tasks over electronic communication channels, yet they must leave these channels to update their task-tracking tools, creating a source of friction and inefficiency. To address this problem, we explore how bots might be used to mediate task management for individuals and teams. We deploy a prototype bot to eight different teams of information workers to help them create, assign, and keep track of tasks, all within their main communication channel. We derived seven insights for the design of future bots for coordinating work.


複数ツールを使ってタスク管理や連絡を取る。しかし、ツールの切替は非生産的なので、ボットを介してタスク管理しよう、というもの。 結果、利用者は「生産性が向上した」という声を得た一方で、チャットだと複数タスクへの対応が難しいという意見も。 合わせて、ボット設計の指標も提示している。